List of Books Published By Vismaad Naad, Gurdwara Gur Gian Parkash Jawaddi Taksal, Ludhiana

Concept of Mind

Oriental and Occidental Perspectives


1. The form of mind  :    Sant Baba Amir Singh Ji

2. Preface - Concept of mind   :     Dr. Rajinder Singh

3. What is mind?   :    Sant Sewa Singh Ji

4. Resolves and leanings of mind   :     Swami Budhpuri Ji

5. The form of mind   :     Dr. Jodh Singh

6. Concept of mind in the Context of Gurmat   :     Dr. Mohinder Kaur Gill

7. Concept of mind in the Hymns of Guru Granth Sahib   :     Dr. Shamsher Singh

8. Concept of mind, self and salvation according to Gurbani   :     Dr. Jagbir Singh

9. Metaphors used for mind in Gurbani   :     Dr. Dharam Singh

10. Mind in the Sikh faith: A Scriptural view   :     Dr. Harbhajan Singh

11. Mind is body-Mind is Universe  :     Dr. Jatinderpal Singh Jolly

12. Transformation of the Collective Indian Unconscious and Dasam Granth   :     Dr. Sutinder Singh Noor


13. Mind As Conceived In Ny‚ya-Vaiúesaika And Advaita   :     Dr. K. Srinivas

14. The Concept of mind in Sankara Vedanta   :     Dr. Bijayananda Kaur

15. The Effort to be Effortless: The Dialective of Mind in Vedanta   :     Dr. Godwarish Mishra

16. The Concept of Mind - A Sartre and Krishnamuti Divide :     Dr. G. Vedaparayana

17. Computers and Consciousness: Looking from A Sankhyak perspective :     Dr.Srinivasa Rao

18. Gandhi and the Colonial Mind- an exercise in Situational Philosophy of mind :     Dr. Suresh Chandra


19. What is wrong with Davidson's Anomalous Monoism? :     Dr. R.C. Pradhan

20. Person and His Mind :   Rethinking Modernity And Post modernity: Mind,Body and beyond :     Dr. Ananta Kumar Giri

22. Sartre's Non-egological Conception of consciousness and the problem of Unity, Continuity and Identity :  Dr. Alok Tandon

23. Mediations on experience of Evil and Will :   Dr.Binod Kumar Agarwala

24. The structure of Mental States: Can they be Moduled ? :     Dr. Ranjan K. Panda

25. Consciousness and Subjectivity :     Dr. Bijoy Boruah

26. Psycho-analysis and domination of Nature :     Dr.(Mrs) Surjit Kaur

27. The Binary Principle :     Dr. Chinnoy Goswami

28. The Unknown Search: Human Psychological Chaos and Divine answer :     Dr. Rajinder Kaur Rohi

29. Philosophy of Mind - Cartesian-Kantian-Hegelian Perspective :      Dr. Raghvendra Pratap Singh

30. On the two Conflicting Intuitions: A Note on What Mental States are and are not :      Dr. Amitabha Das Gupta

31. A Reply to Kripke's Qualia Argument 368 :      Dr. C.A Tomy

32. Ontological Status of Persons: Issues Connected With Identity Question :      Dr. S. Pannerselvam

33. Mind: an overview - Dr. Harpal Singh Pannu :      Dr. Harpal Singh Pannu

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