Gurbani Concept Paintings : Courtesy - Singh Brothers, All India Pingal Wara, Amritsar
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From Godhead, the Bani has rilled, All perturbations it has stilled
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O, Gursikhs ! the Bani of the Satguru As true, verily true thou consider which the Lord himself causes Guru to Utter The Wondrous Bani is verily the Formless One, There is nothing at all its co-eqal Dasam Duar painting_1 Three princeless boons in this salver lie, Truth, Contentment and Contemplation. The nectarean Naam of the Lord is added, which is every being's only Sustentation. If someone chews and tuminates steadily, In his life here in he attains emancipation. This Naam boon can not be dispensed with, Continually keep it daily in thy Mentation. Holding His lotus-Feet cross the Dark Deep, Nanak, is the Lord of the Cosmic Expansion painting_3 painting_8 painting_9 In the Vegetation Entire, Lalent is the fire, In the milks, all kind butter lies dormant. Thr'o all good evil beings, works his potence in all beings. Himself abides, the Omnipotent _MG_0044 From one basal clay, in ways countless, Countless forms, moulded the Creator. Nothing is amiss with the moulded bodies. There is nothing amiss with the Potter. In all the beings, abides the Eternal One. That comes about, whatever wills the Dieu who perceives His will, realises the One, he can acclaimed, as the devotee true. From one clay, beings tiny to mammoths are moulded, of various forms. Kinds diverse. In the sentients beings, and non-sentient bodies, Pervades everywhere, Lord of the Universe.
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