Raag Asvar Sudhang
14. Asvar Sudhang (Sr Gur Granth Shib, p. 369)

roh : S Re M, Pa, Dh, S

Avroh : S Nee Dh, P M, P Dh M P G Re S

Swar : Rishabh, Gandhr, Dhaiwat and Nishd are komal, rest of the notes (swar) are shudha. In ascent, Gandhr and Nishd are forbidden.

Jti : Aurav Sampuran

Time : Second quarter of the day

Vdi : Dhaiwat (Dh)

Samvdi : Gandhr (G)

Main swar : Re M P Dh M P, G Re S

Kirtankaar : Bhai Manjeet Singh

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