Raag Basant Hindol
27. Basant Hindol (Sr Gur Granth Shib, p. 1171)

roh : S G M, Dh P M, G M Dh Nee S

Avroh : S Nee Dh, M G, S

Swar : Both Madhyam, rest of the notes are shudha.

Rishabh is forbidden in this rga.

Tht : Prbi-Mrv

Jt : Vakra Sharav - Aurav

Time : Anytime in spring season (Basant) and usually it is sung during first quarter of the day.

Vd : Madhyam (M)

Samvd : Sharaz (S)

Main swar : S G M, Dh P M, Nee Dh M G, M G S

Kirtankaar : Bhai Rajbarinder Singh Ji Bathinda

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