Photos of Sikhs  (Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Library, Jawaddi Taksal)
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Bhai Bannos Services in the Construction of Harimandir Shib are significant. On Completion of Harimandir Sahib someone asked the Guru who should be served the platter first according to the established practices. The Guru said, whoever has done sevice everyday by remaining modest and keeping his cool. Guru Arjun Honoured Bhai Banno by placing the first platter of feast before him.
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Sarder Fateh Singh AhluwaliaSarder Hari Singh Nalwa This Sketch from Colesworthly Grant's Sketches of Oriental Heads (1839-1846), shows Budh Singh Akali a Sikh of the Priesthood, Native of Lahore. Budh Singh and his brother, Akali Jaimal Singh, fought in the First Anglo-Sikh War, where the former died in the battle of Ferozeshah. Akali Jaimal Singh, wih his personal bodyguard of one hundred hand-picked Nihangs who conducted Shaidi Phera (martyrdom mission), was sent by Jathedar Hanuman Singh (the seventh head of the Buddha Dal)to join the gallant Sardar Sham Singh Attariwala. Sham Singh had pleaded with Jathedar Hanuman Singh to provide men to help him in fighting the British. Sardar Sham Singh and Jathedar Jaimal Singh both died in the battle of Sabraon
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