Photos of Dhan Sri Guru Amar Daas Sahib ji  (Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Library, Jawaddi Taksal)
Guru Amar Das ji forbade the practice of Sati
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Baba Amar Das Ji paying obeisance to Guru Angad dev ji Sri Guru Amar Das emancipated women from the socail evils of Sati and Purdah and encouraged Window Marriage Guru Amar Das ji Conferred equal status on men and women and disapproved of sex discrimination. He forbade the practice of Sati as it was considered in cherishing one's husband every moment Queen of Haripur Bhai Laloo, the devoted Sikh spreading the message of Guru Amar Das ji Realising that the water of the Beas river was not fit for human consumption, Guru Amar Das constructed a Baoli (well) at Goindwal, Covering the entire area with trees. This not only provided safe drinking water to the people but also helped to create an eco-friendly environment Datu, son of Guru Angad Dev, considered himself to be the claimant of 'Gurgaddi' which he howeer could not ascend to. Deeply frustrated, Datu struck Sri Guru Amar Das with his foot when he was seated on 'Gurgaddi. With a rare display of sweetness and humility, the Guru did not utter a word of remorse. Rather he observed , 'Your foot must have been hurt by my hard Bones'
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