Sher-a-Punjab : Maharaja Ranjit Singh
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Sher-a-Punjab : Maharaja Ranjit Singh
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COIN Maharaja Ranjit Singh Entreating Akali Phoola Singh to Delay His March Against Afghan Ghazis Maharaja Ranjit Singh ji in Darbar Bhai Lalvani receiving Pothis from Maharaja Ranjit Singh ji Maharaja Ranjit Singh founded a vast Kingdom and brought peace and Prosperity to his People. he appointed his officers and ministers without the distinction of caste, creed and  religion. Even foreigners, inluding French, Italians, Americans and Russians were part of his military Set up. A Muslim Calligraphist Spent the best part of his life preparing a copy of the Koran. Failing to sell his work to the Muslim chiefs of India he came to Lahore. Maharaja Ranjit Singh paid a fabulous price for this work. Wile giving donations to religious places he never made any discrimations Maharaja Ranjit Singh ji Coin Maharaja Ranjit Singh's ji Tomb, Lahore, Punjab 1863 bazaarprint
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