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Bhai Bannos Services in the Construction of Harimandir Shib are significant. On Completion of Harimandir Sahib someone asked the Guru who should be served the platter first according to the established practices. The Guru said, whoever has done sevice everyday by remaining modest and keeping his cool. Guru Arjun Honoured Bhai Banno by placing the first platter of feast before him.
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Langar Prepared by Nihang Singhs Sikh Wrestling Sikh Reciting Gurbani from Sri Guru Granth Sahib jiWhen Baba Gurbax Singh got news that Ahmad Shah Abdali had brought artillery to blow up Sri Darbar Sahib, he made ready a handful of Sikh in defence. Seventeen Sikhs in saffron robes stood up to form a human wall, after invoking the blessings of the Lord by offering prayer (Ardas) at Sri Akal Takht. The Jathedar exhorted the Sikhs not to retreat even one step backwards even if blown to smithereens. Remember when your foot moves ahead Lofty and exalted is your honour, if your foot moves backwards then only ignominy is your meed. All Sikhs facing the canons where martyed there and then not a soul tried to turn Back. sikh2 During the Battle of Anandpur Sahib the followers of Guru Gobind Singh Complained to him that his Sikh Bhai Kanhaya was offering water to wounded enemy Soldiers and thus again made them fighting fit. Asked by the Guru, Kanhaya said he saw the Guru's image in every wounded soldier. Guru Gobind Singh praised his views snd said Bhaiji had actually gained his views and said Bhai ji had actually gained wisdom. He instructed his followers not to prevent Bhai Kanhaya from doing his work. Fierce battle took place at Sirhind between the Mughal forces and Banda Singh Bahadur. inside the Town there was a lot of destruction of life and property. Inspite of grave provocation, he gave strict instructions to his troops not to destroy the Masjid because it was also the adobe of God. Sardar Baghel Singh, a Brave Soldier and able General, led his forces into Delhi's Red Fort on March 11, 1783, and occupied Dewan-e-Aam. Identifying historical sites, he built Gurdwaras there. Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims willingly joined his victorious procession from the Red Fort to Fatehpuri. Bhai Sadh of Balakh was a devoted Sikh of Guru Hargobind. While he was on his way to Iraq to buy horses at Guruji's bidding, a special messenger came to inform him that his son had fallen ill suddenly. But he refused to return saying if his son dies there was enough wood in the house for cremation. In the mean time his son died but he came back home only after pruchasing horses as directed by the Guru. Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gen. Hari Singh Nalwa, Governor of Kashmir, expressing solidarity with Kashmiris. Guru Arjan Called Upon the Sangat of Phaphre village to join the service of a excavation the holy tank and constructing the Harmander. Bahilo, a follower of Sultan Sakhi Sarwar, Reluctantly joined in. On reaching Hari-Ke-Pattan the Sangat found the river in Spate, Bahilo thought if the Guru was really great the river would subside, it did and  Bhai Bahilo became a convert the moment he saw the Guru. He dedicated his entire life to the Guru who lauded his selfless Service. Bhai Manjh, an ardent disciple of the Guru, used to bring dry wood everyday for the langar to be cooked. One Day while carrying wood he tumbled into a well following a storm. Guru Arjun found that despite his predicament Bhai ji had saved the wood from getting wet. The Guru honoured his disciple by saying Manjh is beloved by the Guru Honoured his disciple by saying Manjh is beloved by the Guru and the Guru by Manjh. Bhai Bannos Services in the Contruction of Harimandir Sahib are significant. on completion of Harimandir Sahib someone asked the Guru who should be served the platter first according to the established practices. The Guru said, whoever has done service everyday by remaining modest and keeping his cool. guru Arjun honoured Bhai banno by placing the first platter of the feast before him. During the construction of Harimandir Sahib, Guru Arjun Sahib spotted bright red bricks and inquired how these had been produced. He was told that Bhai Bahilo had carried all the rubbish of the town on his head to the kill to prepare the bricks in such a perfect manner. Guru Arjun Sahib summoned Bhai Bahilo and uttered, Bhai Bahilo, the first and the foremost. British rulers were complelled to deliver over the Keys to Sri darbar Sahib to Baba Kharak Singh at a function A Muslim calligraphist spent the best part of his life preparing a copy of the Koran. Faling to sell his work to Muslim chiefs of India he came to Lahore. Maharaja Ranjit Singh paid a fabulous price for this work. While giving donations to religious places he never made any discrimination. Banda Singh Bahadur reache Punab with the blessings of Sri guru Gobind Singh and swept the entire area like a whirlwind resulting in the decay of Mugal rule. Even Muslim youths gathered around him in thousands. He treated tehm equally without any discrimination. Blessed by Guru Nanak, Baba Budha had the Unique distintion of anointing five successdingGurus. After doing active service he retired to a Bir (Rakh or Forest) where he created such an  environment that tigers-goats, peacocks and snakes all existed in harmony amidst lakes and Vast stretches of verdure Sikh Doing Akhand Path Sikh Doing Sewa Sikh Doing Sewa
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