Sikh Soldiers
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Sikh Soldiers
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Nihang Singh Group Photo of Sikhs Sardar Fateh Singh Ahluwalia Army H.Q. Athens : 1945 Chitral Reliefs 1895 Turbanned Sikhs 1914 French postcard showing a Sikh Havaldar posing for the photographer at Marseille, France, in the early days of the First World War 1914 Sikh Sketch 2nd Bombay Lancers, 1890 Akali Nihang General by Bhagat Singh Sikh Worrier Indian Sikh Regiment Sikh Guard Baba Deep Singh ji Nihang Singh ji The Khalsa created Great difficulties for Abmed Shah by dealing him great blows. One misl would get up early in the morning and go to battle, then another would go at midday. When one returned from the fight, the second would take its place. When the second returned from the fight, the second would take it place. When the second returned, a third would take its place. The singhs would never give up. If one died amongst them, the others would say he had been successful. if the enemy became too strong, they would disengage. When the pursuing enemy turned back, the singhs could be seen returning behind them. The afghans tried their utmost to engage them. With eyes wide open, they stood and faced the Khalsa. Covered in armour, they and their horses would stand waiting. They desired to fight with sword but the singhs preferred to shoot at them from a distance with their muskets. That was how the harassed Ahmed Shah, who reached Kabul with great difficulty - Panth Prakash written by Rattan Singh Bhangu. Sikh Soilder 1895 Akali Sikhs in France Indian Sikh Soldiers in Second World War Sikh Soldiers Sikh Soldiers uniform Sikh Soldiers uniform Sikh Soldiers Helmet Sikh Soldiers uniform Sikh Soldiers uniform Sikh Women Visit Of The Prince and Prinqk
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