Photos of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji  (Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Library, Jawaddi Taksal, Ludhiana)
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Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji
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Guru Ji paintings (86) Patna's Raja Fateh Chand and his Princess were childless and anxious to have a son. They began to inwardly adore the Holy child, Gobind. One day Gobind came on tip-toe and twining his arms around the Princess neck gently said, Mother ! overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, she kissed and served him, at his asking, with cooked grams. The gracious Gobind blessed them with the boon they had been praying for. Bhai Daya Singh ji On the call of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji five Sikhs offered themselves for the supreme sacrifice. Guru ji baptized them and asked them to partake of Amrit (Ambrosia) fro the same bowl in turns. Thus all the five who Belonged to different parts of the Country, became chosen ones without discrimination of caste, creed and profession. Guru Gobind Singh ji Guru Gobind Singh ji court of Wisdom Amrit Sanchar (baptize) Mata Sahib Kaur ji -  The Enternal mother of the Khalsa Rawalsar is a historic place, where once Guru Gobind Singh had invited the hill-chieftains of Himachal and tried to persuade them to partake of khande Ka Amrit and attain the Spiritaul Majesty by being the Guru's Sikhs. But their main objection was that they would not drink the Amrit from the Common vessel to be shared by all. They demanded that they be administered the Amrit separately and exclusively. To humble their arrogance and the caste-pride the Guru said, Such royalty I will bestow on these humble Sikhs of mine that they will ever cherish the majesty of my spiritual away Once Guru Gobind Singh's horse balked at the sight of tobacco plants. At that time a man seeking peace of mind bowed before him. The Guru told him that he could not attain peace because of his tobacco cultication. Even the horse found the tobacco repulsive. The peasant then resolved to cultivate grains instead to tobacco At raikot when the cowherd Noora brought the tragic news of the younger Shaibzadas (sons) having been bricked alive in the wall, the Tenth Guru while uprooting a clump of reeds with the sharp point of his arrow casually said, now the tyranny of the Mughal rule has been uprooted entirely Guru Ji paintings (154) Mata Sahib Kaur ji Supreme Sacrifice Given by Guru Gobind Singh ji of there Children Takhat Sri Keshghar Sahib, Sri Anandpur Sahib During the battle of Bhangani when 400 Pathan warrios had deserted Guru Gobind Singh, it was Pir Buddhu Shah who stood by him steadfastly. Two of his sons, younger brother and nephew fell in the action. After his victory when Guru Gobind wished to present a Siropa (Robe of Honour) to Pir Buddhu Shah, the latter only expressed a desire to possess the Guru's hair entangled to his comb. Guru Gobind Singh honoured him and proclaimed Buddhu Shah as a true Pir. Guru Gobind Singh, while addressing the assembly on the day of Baisakhi in 1699, declared, Is there any Sikh who would offer his head for Dharma? Only when the Guru repeated the call, Daya Ram, Dharam Dass, Himat, Mohkam Chand and Sahib Chand responded to the call. Then the Guru churned out Amrit and baptized them without any discrimination. l_9d4a84da64cf59ffb475bfb021942dd9 300 Saka Chamkor Fight Mata Gujari - the epitome of faith and belief Guru Gobind Singh ji resting at Mashiwara Guru Gobind Singh ji singing Gurbani in Raags Saga Sarhind todarmal Laxman Madodas Bairagi Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji Nanded Sahib (Maharashtra) October 6, 1708. Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji paying homage to the Holy Granth and bestawing succession in perpetuity to Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Declaring it the Guru Eteral Guru Gobind Singh ji writing Jafarnama Sketch of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji Sketch of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji Rare Painting of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji Sri Guru Gobind Singh jis Sketch of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji beptizing five Beloveds (Panj Piaras) Sketch of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji beptizing five Beloveds (Panj Piaras) Guru Gobind Singh ji Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji breathed his last at Nanded (Maharashtra) in 1708A.D. Before his death he bestowed the Gurgaadi onto Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The present form of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in every Gurdwara was compiled by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is a volume of 1430 pages in 31 Raagas. It is a secure common heritage of the mankind which binds every human being with a bond of love and understanding and its� Fourth Centenary celebration is being celebrated all over the world. Guru Gobind Singh
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